Don’t you just LOVE Spring? I love opening the windows and listening to the sounds of the outdoors while I do a little Spring Cleaning. Using essential oils makes for healthier cleaning solutions and adds an uplifting beautiful smell to the work.

Besides Thieves Household Cleaner, here are a few recipes I like to use:

Healthier Bleach

1 cup peroxide
1 cup water
20 drops lemon essential oil

Mix in a spray bottle. Spray and let it be for a little while, then scrub. Use for tile, grout and where a little whitening is needed.

Clean and Disinfect

2 tablespoons white vinegar
1 teaspoon Baking soda or Borax
10 drops Eucalyptus, Lemon, or Lavender essential oil
Combine in spray bottle and fill with hot, distilled water. Shake vigorously until the Baking soda or Borax is dissolved completely.

Floor Cleaner

1/4 cup white vinegar
1 bucket of hot, distilled water
5–10 drops of Lemon, Melaleuca, or Purification essential oil

Combine in bucket and mop floors.

Window Cleaner
1 cup white vinegar
3 cups distilled water
10-15 drops Lemon essential oil

Mix ingredients in a spray bottle

“I used Purification to clean my bathroom, and it worked great! It cleaned hard water stains from the toilet, as well as the shower tile and grout. I have been trying to get the grout clean for years, using all types of poisons (which did not even work). With the Purification oil, it came off very easily and left a fresh, clean smell, too.” – Lori

“I was deep cleaning the house and moved a file cabinet that had not been moved for a good while. Sometime when I was mopping, I had used too much water and it ran under the file cabinet. The cabinet had rusted on the floor quite badly. I used Thieves Household Cleaner straight and the rust dissolved with very little scrubbing!” – Edith

“When I lived on the beach in south Florida, a professional window washer shared his ‘secret formula’ for cleaning windows with little effort: add about 1/4 cup of white vinegar to a gallon of water along with three to four drops of dishwashing liquid. I use two capfuls of Thieves Household Cleaner instead of the dishwashing liquid; the film dissolves like magic! I use a small towel to apply the liquid and a squeegee to clean it off. Floor-to-ceiling windows sparkle in minutes!” – Frances

Every year about this time people start feeling like doing a little spring cleaning. Do you find yourself feeling motivated to freshen things up a bit after a long winter with the house closed up and the furnace or a wood burner running? There is something motivating about the spring. It makes you feel like getting out and doing things. I find myself wanting to give the house a good cleaning.

Most of the cleaning products on the market these days are full of toxic chemicals that are not at all good for your health. That is one thing I love about essential oils. They make such good cleaning solutions.

The Thieves oil blend and Thieves Household Cleaner are a good starting place for cleaning supplies. Thieves is wonderful for cleaning. It also makes everything smell great.

Citrus Fresh has several citrus oils in thieves-citrus-freshit and is a good one to add to cleaning. It is a good one for diffusing.

Citrus oils are very mood uplifting. Spring cleaning and mood uplifting at the same time.
How can you go wrong?

Make a spray bottle of water with 15-25 drops of Citrus Fresh oil to freshen bathroom or on kitchen surfaces.

Use 1-2 drops of Citrus Fresh oil to remove gum, oil, grease spots or crayon.

Laundry smells fantastic when Citrus Fresh is added to the wash water.

Cleaning Floors
To clean hard floors, add l/4 cup of white vinegar to a bucket of water. Then add 5- 10 drops of Citrus Fresh oil or Purification oil. If the floor is especially dirty, add several drops of dishwashing soap or Thieves Household Cleaner. This will clean even the dirtiest floor.

Furniture Polish
16 ounce spray bottle
Two teaspoons olive oil ( preferably the light kind)
15 drops of essential Citrus Fresh oil
1/4 cup white distilled vinegar
Fill the rest of the bottle with distilled water
How to use:
Spray formula on your rag or directly onto the furniture.
Wipe it dry immediately. The olive oil conditions and the vinegar cleans. You can also squirt some on your dust mop for your hardwood floors

Window Cleaner
1 quart spray bottle
White Vinegar
10-15 drops of Citrus Fresh Essential Oil
Fill bottle half way with vinegar
Fill balance of bottle with water and essential oil.
Shake & Use

Once you finish your spring cleaning, why not have a cup of tea with a couple drops of Citrus Fresh in it. It’s Oh So Tasty. ; )

1 Quart Spray Bottle
2 Tablespoons Borax
1 Teaspoon Castile Soap
15-20 drops Essential Oil
** Try essential oils such as Pine, Lemon, Melaleuca, Thieves, Purification or a combination.
Add Borax to bottle, fill with warm water. Add Castile soap and Essential Oil. Shake and use.

1 Quart Spray Bottle
White Vinegar
10-15 drops of Lemon Essential Oil
Fill bottle half way with Vinegar. Fill balance of bottle with water and
add Essential Oil. Shake and use.
**It may be advisable to clean windows/mirrors with alcohol first to
eliminate build up from commercial window cleaners.

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