Another year has gone by and Young Living Convention time is here again. Convention time is always full of excitement. We learn lots of new things and Every year a bunch of new awesome products are released. Here are a few of the products released for Young Living Convention 2019.

Young Living CBD Oil
The official launch of 12 Young Living CBD products.
Nature’s Ultra is officially part of the Young Living family! You can now get the only CBD products on earth infused with Young Living essential oils, backed by Young Living’s industry-leading Seed to Seal® quality commitment. The product line includes: Calm Roll-On, CBD drops in three blends: Cinnamon, Citrus, and Cool Mint, CBD drops for pets. Learn more here:

Savvy Minerals

Savvy Minerals

New additions to the Savvy Minerals line:
Shadow Essentials Eyeshadow Palettes: Sahara Sunset, Natural Quartz, and Royal Winter

Savvy Minerals is the NEW Standard in Clean Beauty

Your skin largest organ in your body and your body is exposed to a lot of toxins. It can break down some of the toxins but not all of the
toxins you are exposed to. Toxins cause extra stress on the liver, skin irritations, and a whole host of health issues. That is why it is so important to know the ingredients that are in the products you are using. Know the ingredients that you are putting putting on your skin and in your body every day.

Cosmetics Industry

U.S. Bans 11 Toxic Ingredients
E.U. Bans 1,328 Toxic Ingredients
Another U.S. Beauty Company Bans Over 1,500 Toxic Ingredients

Savvy Minerals takes it to a whole new level of clean.

Savvy Minerals Bans More Than 2,500 Toxic Ingredients

Davana Essential Oil
Davana Essential Oil
Davana Essential Oil has a rich, fruity aroma that helps give your day and your mood a balancing boost. The Davana plant is a member of the daisy family and is native to Southern India where it is traditionally used by Ayurvedic healers to balance the body and spirit. This oil is great for the skin AND it personalizes it scent to you!
• Warm, slightly sweet aroma
• Helps reduce feelings of occasional stress when used aromatically
• Diminishes the appearance of blemishes for more youthful, radiant skin
• Creates a romantic environment due to its exotic scent
• Fosters a positive outlook when diffused
• Naturally occurring constituents davanone, linaloor, and bicyclogermacreme

Peace & Calming Roll-On
Our AWESOME Peace & Calming blend, now in a ROLL-ON!

Young Living Deodorant
CinnaFresh Deodorant
CitriGuard is clinically shown to help maintain the skin’s natural microbiome. YL’s formula contains no aluminum, parabens. talc, or alcohol, so you can feel confident every day. Made with Lemongrass, Thyme, and Lemon Oils, you will smell fresh without harsh, chemical perfumes.

CitraGuard Deodorant
CitriGuard is clinically shown to help maintain the skin’s natural microbiome. YL’s formula contains no aluminum, parabens. talc, or alcohol, so you can feel confident every day. Made with Lemongrass, Thyme, and Lemon Oils, you will smell fresh without harsh, chemical perfumes.

Thieves Whitening Toothpaste
Thieves Whitening Toothpaste

Whitening toothpaste! Start your morning on the bright side with the natural power of Thieves Whitening Toothpaste!! Pure and safe ingredients combine to whiten teeth, fight plaque, support healthy gums and remove stains without damaging enamel. YL’s exclusive formula is fluoride-free and free of other harsh ingredients.


Support your skin and eyes with the powerful ingredients in IlluminEyes. Featuring lutein and zeaxanthin, this proprietary formula helps reduce eye strain, protects eyes from damaging blue light, and maintains vibrant skin. IlluminEyes can also help support your eye health long-term. It also protects against age-related degeneration.

This new product is a must-have for EVERYONE who spends time on electronic devices. . . which is everyone these days.

    • Rich in antioxidants from Vitamin E, and carotenoids from Lutein and Vitamin A
    • Naturally sourced from nutrient rich marigolds
    • Excellent source of vitamin A, and antioxidant vitamin E
    • Good source of antioxidant vitamin c
    • Contains no synthetic ingredients.
    • Contains no artificial colors
    • Vegetarian friendly

    • Protects the eye from blue light
    • Protects eye from damaging blue light
    • Protects eye from damaging blue light found in sunlight and mobile devices
    • Protects eye from damaging bright lights
    • Filters harmful/damaging blue light
    • Helps support restful sleep during occasional times of restlessness
    • Reduces eye strain
    • Reduces eye fatigue
    • Helps maintain proper eye health
    • Improves visual performance
    • May help reduce age related eye deterioration common with age
    • May benefit night vision
    • Helps support vision in low light settings
    • May increase production of melatonin needed for low light environments.
    • Supports cognitive function
    • Protects and maintains healthy skin
    • Helps maintain healthy skin
    • Helps support skin strength and durability
    • Helps support vibrant, stronger skin

Olive Essentials
Olive Essentials

Discover a keystone of the Mediterranean lifestyle with Olive Essentials. Featuring ingredients hand-picked to support your overall well-being and healthy heart, it’s sure to become a staple in your home.

Olive Essentials features hydroxytyrosol from Spanish olives, a naturally occurring compound that contributes to the fruit’s healthy reputation. Each capsule contains as much hydroxytyrosol as a liter of extra virgin olive oil.

    • Contains hydroxytyrosol
    • Extracted with water from Spanish Olives
    • Equivalent to 1-L bottle of organic extra virgin olive oil
    • Full spectrum olive supplement with oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol
    • Supports total body wellness
    • Rosemary and Parsley Essential Oils

Feather the Owl Kids Diffuser

    • Kid friendly Easy Touch Talon TM
    • Built-in speaker with 5 different white noise options:
    • 10 Different LED night-light options
    • Offers run times 25-40% longer than competing kids diffusers
    • 3 diffusion modes that can run up to 10 hours
    • 1 % of all proceeds go to support the Tracy Aviary’s efforts to protect birds and their habitats