To guarantee a supply of pure genuine authentic grade essential oils, we cultivate our herbs organically on farmland uncontaminated by chemical fertilizers, fungicides or herbicides. We irrigate with clean mountain water and use an advanced mix of enzymes, minerals, and organic biosolids to build and maintain the soil. We steam distill freshly harvested plant material using a costly, slow, low-pressure, low temperature process that preserves the fragile complex
chemistry of the essential oil.

*** Young Living has an animal farm and zoo which produces lots of manure for NATURAL fertilizer for the soil. No chemical fertilizers are ever used.

Uncompromising Quality Control . . .

Every batch of essential oils received at Young Living’s laboratories – whether grown at the Young Living farms or in a foreign country – is quarantined, inspected, and tested for purity and quality with both organoleptic and chemical analysis. Samples are sent to independent laboratories for analysis by
state-of-the-art, high-resolution gas chromatography, mass spectroscopy, and infared spectra analysis
. These test unmask the chemical anatomy of each oil, helping to expose oils that may be unpure, adulterated, or even improperly distilled. Some oils are subjected to further levels of testing at labs in England, France and at Weber State University. Altogether, oils can go through five separate levels of quality analysis before they are released.

A Strong Commitment to Oil Purity

Young Living Essential Oils – 100% Certified Organic with it’s own organic research farms in Idaho and Utah, where Gary Young designed and built the first stainless steel vertical steam distiller in North America. Young Living is the only company in the world that organically grows from seed , harvests, distills, formulates, packages, educates and distributes products with essential oils.

Did You Know that Young Living . . .

  • Is one of the world’s leaders in the cultivation, distillation, and production of organically grown, guaranteed pure essential oils.

  • Is the largest grower of essential oil plants in the world.

  • Owns 10+ farms and distilleries around the world. The number keeps growing as more farms and partner farms are added.

  • Participates in joint-venture research farms in Provence, France, and Seville, Spain.

  • Has a large animal zoo for the purpose of creating manure for fertilizing the crops with organic material rather than using chemicals.

  • Is the first company to combine guaranteed pure essential oils with dietary supplements.

  • Cultivates many different herbs and botanicals, including organic peppermint, spearmint, basil, clary sage, lavender, rosemary, thyme, melissa, and wolfberry.

  • Uses a proprietary low-pressure, low-temperature stainless steel steam distillation system designed by Gary Young to preserve the high quality of essential oils.

  • Conducts on going university research on essential oils. Some of this research has been published in such scientific journals as the Journal of Essential Oil Research.