The annual Winter Harvest at our Highland Flats, Idaho, tree farm is quickly approaching! Each year, distributors from around the world come together to harvest balsam fir, blue spruce, and other trees as part of Young Living’s unique Seed to Seal process.

Distributors who participate get to see first hand what goes into the production of our wonderful evergreen oils and gain a new appreciation for Young Living’s commitment to quality and authenticity.

“Our company is very, very different from other companies in that it actually solicits its distributors to come and be a part of the process,” said Christina Campbell, a distributor who participated in 2012 Winter Harvest. “This is really great because we can see the trees being cut down, smell the blue spruce, and be a part of the distillation. When we’re told where our oils come from, we know it’s true because we can say we’ve been to the farms and have seen the distillation.”

The reason the trees are harvested in the coldest part of the winter is because the oil content is much higher in the bitter cold of winter. The trees are saturated with oil which serves to protect the tree from the bitter cold. It keeps the needles from freezing. Not only is there more oil but the medicinal properties are at the highest levels during this cold season.

Young Living Farms and harvesting at just the right time for the highest quality oil is one more reason Young Living is so special.

During the spring another staff of volunteers will gather to carefully replant seedlings to replace the harvested trees.