With all the stress we face every day we can easily find ourselves feeling bad and reaching for a snack. Do you ever find yourself falling into a habit of emotional eating to deal with the stress?

I learned something interesting a while back that helped make a connection in my brain. There was a segment on a morning show on how your personality could contribute to weight gain. They mentioned how stress raises cortisol levels. We knew that but here’s the thing I didn’t realize: When your cortisol level is high, you start craving carbs.

Here’s another interesting thing . . .

Stress Away Reduce Emotional Eating

Did you know that eating sugar and starchy carbs raise your cortisol levels even higher?

So as cortisol goes up, it increases carb cravings, and after indulging in starchy or sugary carbs, guess what else follows suit with it? You start feeling emotionally crappy because you indulged. This contributes to the vicious cycle of emotional eating.

When I heard this information I was so happy I always keep some of Young Living’s Stress Away Roll-On handy. Stress Away is especially useful to help with stress related eating. I have been using Stress Away in the afternoons and evenings ever since I learned about that. I have noticed that, when I use Stress Away I have a much easier time resisting the urge to have a snack. Hearing that bit about cortisol levels really reinforced my intent to keep using Stress Away.

I’m enjoying a cup of Slique tea and rolling on a bit of Young Living’s Stress Away as I write this blog post. It has been a strangely stress filled day today and I am thankful for these products from Young Living. Have you tried Slique Tea? Oh MY!! I love the taste. It’s yummy!

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