There are some things that really can be scary and uncomfortable. When you need a shot of courage, why not try Valor essential oil with a bit of EFT. Valor, as the name implies, is an oil blend that is very strengthening emotionally. It is the oil to use when you need a shot of courage.

Valor is a wonderful oil for use with Emotional Freedom Techniques. I love Valor when I am facing something that makes me feel uncomfortable or afraid. Most definitely whenever you are stepping out of your comfort zone. This is the oil that helps you relax about it.

The oils in Valor blend are very grounding emotionally. An added bonus is that Valor also smells awesome.

There are lots of fears that you can use this on. Here is an example of an EFT Session on fear of public speaking:

    Tapping on Karate Chop Point:

    Even though I am terrified to speak in front of people, I deeply and completely accept myself.

    Even though I can feel my breathing constrict and my heart is pounding, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway, without judgement.

    Even though I can’t imagine standing in front of a group, I’m afraid to speak. I might say something stupid and they all see it, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway.”

    Tapping all the other points, first a round of negative tapping:
    “I am afraid to speak up in front of others in case I make a mistake and they laugh at me or ridicule me.”

    Then one round of positive tapping:
    “I comfortably and easily speak up for myself in a confident manner.”

Use the same formula for other things you have fear of. Just replace public speaking with whatever the fear is and express the feelings.

Try using Valor along with the EFT session below.
EFT Tapping Clip – Fear of Leaving My Comfort Zone