There are always stressful days but lately it seems like we are living in crazy times. The stress level seems to be cranked up. Too many demands on our physical, mental and emotional selves can drain our energy. Essential oils can be a big help during crazy stress filled days.
Stress Away Essential Oil
Stress Away is one of Young Living’s Essential Oils that I am using a LOT these days.

Stress Away essential oil blend has stress-reducing and relaxing properties that are very helpful during stressful times. It smells great and is so relaxing.

Rub a few drops onto your wrists for a calming perfume.

Rub a little Stress Away on your temples and the back of your neck to ease tension.

Diffuse Stress Away for a calming atmosphere.

Add 10 drops of Stress Away to 2 cups of epsom salt for a relaxing warm bath and soak for 20 minutes to relieve stress.

Try Stress Away Roll-On To Reduce Emotional Eating

Add Stress Away to your Diffuser Jewelry

With all the stress we face every day we can easily find ourselves feeling bad and reaching for a snack. Do you ever find yourself falling into a habit of emotional eating to deal with the stress?
I learned something interesting a while back that helped make a connection in my brain. Stress raises cortisol levels. We knew that but here’s the thing I didn’t realize: When your cortisol level is high, you start craving carbs.

Here’s another interesting thing . . .

Did you know that eating sugar and starchy carbs raise your cortisol levels even higher?

So as cortisol goes up, it increases carb cravings, and after indulging in starchy or sugary carbs, guess what else follows suit with it? You start feeling emotionally crappy because you indulged. This contributes to the vicious cycle of emotional eating. Stress Away is especially useful to help with stress related eating. Another reason to use Stress Away during stressful times.

Add Stress Away to EFT for even more power to your Tapping sessions. Stress Away is an AWESOME oil to use along with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

Tap While You Gripe is one of my favorite ways to use EFT. It is a super simple technique. Just tap and tell the story. Focus on the negative feelings and tap and talk it through.

Example: While tapping through the points, say whatever you are feeling: “I am so stressed. This Covid thing is so scary! So many strange things going on in the world. It’s affecting the economy and income. Are we going to be able to stay healthy? Stuck at home. Wearing masks. So stressed. I just want to watch movies and eat CARBS! That’s making more stress!! So angry! So stressed! …”

Tap through the points and pour out your feelings. Keep going until you feel better. Once you have released enough of the negative feelings, switch to positive. End with some thoughts on strength and confidence or anything positive you want to feel.

Don’t get too worried about the exact wording you use or what order of points to tap. You don’t even really need to say the words out loud. Just focus on the negative emotion you want to clear. Keep talking (or thinking) and tapping.

EFT Points:
KC = Karate Chop
EB = Beginning of the Eye Brow
SE = Side of the Eye
UE = Under the Eye
UN = Under the Nose
Ch = Chin
CB = Beginning of the Collar Bone
UA = Under the Arm
WR = Inside of Wrists
TH = Top of Head

You can also tap the fingertip points. Each finger can be tapped at the base of the nail.

Order Young Living Essential Oil Stress Away Blend

Stress Away With EFT Tapping

Add Stress Away to your Diffuser Jewelry