Valor essential oil blend from Young Living is one of my favorite oils. I use it every day with EFT. This week I had to make a trip to the dentist office which is something I have avoided like the plague. To say the dentist terrifies me is a gross understatement. Sometimes we have to face our fears. I broke the crown of a really old root canal and it needed to be fixed. It turned out that the remaining part was split so badly that the tooth couldn’t be saved and I had to have it surgically removed.

EFT and Valor Essential OilTime to put Valor Oil and EFT to the test. All I can say is WOW! I used Valor along with two EFT audio sessions I had bought from Brad Yates quite some time ago. I had bought several of Brad’s eTappings for abundance but I bought the dentist tapping sessions because I knew I had a fear of the dentist and I knew I would someday be thankful I did. I saved the EFT audio sessions and never used them until this week.

People are always asking me if EFT really works or is it something that I just hope will work. I know it works because several years ago I released my fear of flying. Having that fear gone is really nice. Now when I get on planes I have no fear. I actually enjoy it.

I used the EFT and Valor Oil the night before my dental appointment. I slept like a baby and had no worries or stress. I repeated the EFT sessions again the next morning as I was getting ready to go. Feeling AWESOME and no stress. I felt calm all the way, even in the dentists chair as he was getting ready to start working on me.

This experience was a true test for me. I have known the power of EFT for quite some time but the removal of intense fear of the dentist drives the point home even stronger.

Valor Oil blend is for courage and is one of the best oils to use with EFT. To use an essential oil to enhance your EFT sessions, put a couple drops of essential oil on your fingertips before you begin tapping the EFT points.

We all have days when we are not motivated and we can’t seem to keep focused on the things we want to accomplish. Sometimes our lack of motivation ends up in procrastination. This is especially a problem when we feel fear or discomfort about something that may be involved with a task or a new direction we are taking in our life or business.

Motivation essential oil is a wonderful oil from Young Living Essential Oils. Motivation oil was created to help overcome fear and procrastination.  It also promotes feelings of action and accomplishment. Motivation is one oil I am using a lot these days. I especially love this oil on those days when I feel a little depressed. Those are the days I really have trouble with motivation. Is that the same with you? Don’t you have trouble on those days?

En-R-Gee oil is useful when your lack of motivation is related to fatigue or low energy. En-R-Gee is very energizing. Try using En-R-Gee and motivation together and see how much you can get done.

You may also want to use Magnify Your Purpose oil and focus on what you want to accomplish.


Essential oils can be really powerful in enhancing Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).  Put a couple drops of the essential oil on your fingertips before you begin tapping. Motivation oil is a good one to use along with EFT when you are wanting to rev up energy and motivation.


Here’s and EFT Script to help you get motivated:

Apply 1 – 3 drops of Release oil on your fingertips, then tap on the Karate Chop Point with the oiled up fingertips. As you are tapping the EFT Points, you will have enough remaining oil to carry to all the other points.

While tapping the Karate Chop Point, Repeat 3 Times:

Even though I can’t get motivated, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though I don’t feel like doing anything, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though I’m just not motivated , I choose to do it now.

 You can add something specific you need to do if you want.

Round One: Focusing on the Feelings

(eyebrow) I am not motivated.
(side of eye) I don’t feel like doing it.
(under eye) I just can’t seem to get started…
(nose) I am resisting getting started.
(chin) I don’t know what to do so I put it off till later.
(collarbone) I’m a little tired so I will wait till later.
(under arm) I don’t feel motivated.
(head) I’m tired of thinking about this.

(eyebrow) I don’t want to get it going.
(side of eye) Yes I do want to get it going.
(under eye) I’m feeling unmotivated.
(nose) Releasing the habit of putting things off…
(chin) Letting go of the unmotivation.
(collarbone) I am releasing the unmotivation.
(under arm) Letting go of the unmotivation.
(head) Release and let go of the unmotivation.

Round Two:  Implant Positive

(eyebrow) I choose to feel motivated.
(side of eye) I choose to get moving.
(under eye) I step into energy and motivation.
(nose) I choose to move forward one step at a time.
(chin) I feel good moving forward.
(collarbone) I choose to move forward in a way that feels even more motivating.
(under arm) I enjoy taking action.
(head) I choose to feel energized and motivated.


Other Essential Oil Blends:  Abundance, Awaken, Highest Potential, Into The Future, Magnify Your Purpose, Transformation, Valor

Try EFT with Motivation oil when you need a little help getting motivated.


The Law of Attraction is an amazing energy. It is always at work. We attract whatever matches the energy or vibrations we are sending out or radiating. If we have a fearful energy because we are listening to the news and hearing about how bad the economy is, we will attract negative things. It becomes more difficult to attract the abundance we want in our life.

I have been using Young Living Abundance oil for many years. It was the essential oil I used when I got started in with Young Living in 1997 and it is the reason I am building a business with Young Living Essential Oils today.

Young Living Abundance Essential Oil Blend
Abundance oil raises your energy to a more attracting energy. It also is very mood uplifting. Abundance is a wonderful oil to enhance the Law of Attraction. EFT is also a powerful tool to use along with the law of attraction. Put EFT and Abundance oil together and you have a really powerful tool to attract abundance.

Daily EFT can really set the tone for your abundance energy as you set about to do the daily tasks in your business. Not only does EFT help remove fears but it also enhances the law of attraction.

If you are in any kind of business, you need to have a good energy that attracts abundance and success. This good abundant energy is needed in all aspects of our life, not just business. We can be abundant in all kinds of ways. When we have a good positive energy, we have a better mood and things just seem to work better. We have more fun in our life. Abundance overflows into all areas of our life.

The EFT tapping session in the video below is full of positive affirmations around attracting abundance. Put a couple drops of Abundance oil blend on your fingertips and begin tapping.


EFT Tapping Clip – I am A Magnet For Abundance & Success

Download the Printable Tapping Script: I am A Magnet For Abundance & Success EFT tapping script

Young Living Abundance Oil For Law of Attraction

Procrastination is one of the biggest problems with weight management goals. We get stressed out and we reach for our favorite comfort food. Other things are more important today we’ll exercise tomorrow.

Doing some EFT for procrastination may be helpful if you have this problem.

Put a couple drops of Motivation oil on your fingers and start tapping the EFT points starting on the Karate Chop Point while saying:

Even though I can’t stop procrastinating, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.
Even though I don’t feel like exercising, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.
Even though I don’t feel like exercising, deeply and completely love and accept myself.

(Or, Even though I don’t feel like eating healthy …)

Round One: Focusing on the Feelings

(eyebrow) I don’t feel like exercising.
(side of eye) I’ll start tomorrow.
(under eye) I just can’t seem to get started.
(nose) I am resisting getting started.
(chin) I don’t feel like it.
(collarbone) I should be exercising.
(under arm) I know I will feel better if I exercise.
(head) The days keep going by without exercise

(eyebrow) I don’t want to exercise right now.
(side of eye) Yes I do want to release excess weight.
(under eye) I’m feeling helpless and stuck.
(nose) I know I need more exercise.
(chin) Exercise is boring.
(collarbone) I am tired of thinking about it.
(under arm) I’m tired of always putting this off.
(head) Release and let go of the procrastinating.

Round Two: Implant Positive

(eyebrow) I want to get moving.
(side of eye) I choose to get moving.
(under eye) I step out of my habit of procrastination.
(nose) I choose make better choices with my time.
(chin) I feel good when I exercise.
(collarbone) I choose to move forward in a way that feels good to me.
(under arm) I enjoy eating healthy and exercising.
(head) I choose to eat healthy and exercise today.

Other oils you might try: Magnify Your Purpose, En-R-Gee

Motivation oil blend is another one of my favorites. Just as the name implies, it energizes and motivates. I love this oil whenever I am having trouble getting motivated to do any task.

Motivation oil is an absolute MUST before I exercise. It helps me get started but it also helps me stick with the exercise longer. This is one I admit I need to use more for exercise. I tend to get focused on other projects and exercise is not always my priority.

I like to put motivation on my throat area. I put just a drop on my finger, then rub it in the center.

Motivation oil is AWESOME with EFT. Just add 2 drops to your fingertips before you begin tapping the points.

Try the EFT for Motivation Tapping Session in the video below.

It’s easy to get started right away. Just Click HERE to start shopping with Young Living Essential Oils.